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Mikael Karlsson

"This is the story about a small amateur radio station and it's achievements"

… My path through the air with low power (mostly QRP) combined with smaller and simpler antennas ...

The website is updated on April 09, 2019

I am finally QRV on the air again …

Today I have come a step closer to the final preparation of my amateur radio station.

I'm still waiting for some parts for my Kelemen trap dipole antenna  from WiMo in Germany - a big thank you to the company WiMo for their help with the parts.

In the near future I also have an ambition to get an antenna for 160 meters.

My transceiver IC-9100 also has an opportunity to run both VHF and UHF. I have antennas lying in my storage for both 144 MHz (10 elements yagi) and 432 MHz (16 elements yagi) and these I will possibly set up in the future too.

Today I will be able to be active on frequencies between the 80-6 meter bands with CW, digital modes, RTTY and SSB with QRP-power. I can also be active remotely from my home with the help of products from Microbit 2.0 AB, but also from the site where my equipment is located (se photo).

One day, in the near future, I will also put up some of my diplomas and also some prizes I have from various radio competitions on the walls.

So if you hear me on the bands, regardless of a radio competition or not, then I hope you give me a call!

Best 73's Mikael

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